About Triveni Sangam Allahabad, India

About Triveni Sangam Allahabad, India

Also known as the city of God, Allahabad, in Persian means Settled by God. It is for this reason, that it has been innumerably mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts. The history of the place,both mythological and factual, makes it one of the most fascinating and among the main holy Indian cities, special to Hindus in India and abroad. According to the mythological history, when Lord Brahma was done with creating the world, he offered his first prayer here.

Hence the justification of its ancient name Prayag,(Earlier Allahabad was known as Prayag) meaning Place of Oblation. The city of Allahabad also has a special significance according to the Hindu scriptures for holding the confluence of three of the most sacred rivers of India: Ganga,Yamuna, and Saraswati at Triveni Sangam, which becomes the nucleus of all celebrations of Kumbh Mela.Apart from being a part of the awe-inspiring Kumbh Mela, where you will be able to witness the Hindu culture and religion at its best; you will also be able to visit the famous tourist attractions in and around Allahabad city. Allahabad is the second oldest city in India is replete with an enriching history from the mythological times to Mauryan and Gupta Empires to the Mughal Empire.

How to reach Allahabad

Allahabad city is very well connected to the major cities of India which makes it easily accessible in this how to travel Allahabad we are providing you the complete details about methods by which you can easily reach Kumbh city Allahabad.

Things To do in Allahabad

There are many must see attractions in Allahabad which should not be missed on your tour of Allahabad from the Magnificent Forts to beautiful temples & cathedrals Allahabad has it all there are a lot of tourist attractions in Allahabad which needs to be explored during your visit to this beautiful city of Triveni Sangam or Teerthraj Prayag.

Places to visit in Allahabad

There is so many things to see in this Kumbh city that you require atleast 2 Nights tour of Allahabad to cover all the major tourist attractions in Allahabad.

Tourist Information about Allahabad

Area : 5487 sq.km

Population : 5959798 (2011 Census)

Altitude : 98 mtrs. above sea level

Season : November-March

Clothing (Summer) : Cottons,

Clothing (Winter) : Woollens

Language: Hindi, Urdu, English

Local Transport : Taxi/Bus/Rickshaw

STD Code : 0532

Festivals : Magh Mela (every year, Jan.-Feb.), Ardh Kumbh Mela (every 6th year), Kumbh Mela (every 12th year), Dussehra-Ram Dal (Sept.-Oct.), Water Sports Festival (Nov./Feb.)

Top Things to do in Allahabad

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